Attic films is a boutique animation studio owned and operated by animator/filmmaker, Christopher Angus.  Christopher lives in Manitoba, Canada, and has been involved in animated film since 1993 when he created an animated segment as part of a three year Graphic Arts and Design course he was taking at the time.  

After completing the program, Christopher became involved with the Manitoba Society of Independent Animators which had graciously been given studio space and guidance from the National Film Board of Canada. Christopher set up shop in these studios, and when time allowed, began working on his first film, learning the craft of animated filmmaking as he proceeded.  This film, The Urge, was finished in 1999.

Christopher has completed three short films and worked on a variety of other projects, including commercials, as well as a documentary. To date, his films have collectively won over fifty awards at international film festivals, with his third film - Futureworld - having won eight awards for best animated film, and four awards for best sci-fi film.  Christopher’s second film, The Urge 2 - It Lies Within, toured select Russian theatres as part of a film festival compilation.  The Urge 2 - It Lies Within and Futureworld were both finalists for Animaze Daze at Cannes.

Christopher’s films are currently in distribution to markets worldwide.  The Urge and The Urge 2 - It Lies Within were picked up by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, and recently, Futureworld was recently acquired by Shami Media Group, one of the world’s main independent content distributors.

Christopher can also be found online at the following places.