Futureworld - An Ethos of Futurity


A quirky journey through recent time to an ethos of futurity, which explores the potential ramifications of technology on human beings while leaving us with choices.

About the story

This short animated film plays with time, perceptions, and the viewers expectations, in order to explore the potential ramifications of technology on a future ethos, with it’s consequent influence on human character.


Futureworld is an seven minute 2d animated short film.    With the exception of some special effects the film was hand drawn using the TV Paint animation software and a Wacom tablet.

In various places throughout the film footage of various elements of the natural world such as clouds and landscapes have been incorporated into the film's stylization, although these have all been digitally adjusted to support the story.  This film was almost entirely animated in what is known in the animation industry as "ones", being 24 drawings a second, in order to attempt to achieve a beautiful flowing movement.


Story, Direction, Animation, Backgrounds: Christopher Angus

Female Voiceover and Characters: Rhonda Kennedy-Rogers

Male Voiceover and Characters: Scott Moat

Audio Post Production by Precursor Productions

Re-recording Mixer: Andrew Yankiwski

Foley: Auston Green

Sound Effects: Auston Green

Dubbing Recordist/Editor: Andrew Yankiwski

Original Score by Paul Shrofel

Manitoba Film and Music Production Tax Credit

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