the Urge 2 - It Lies Within

During a bizarre series of events a vampire discovers that harmless forest creatures, and even his own body, have turned against him.

About the story

This short animated film blends horror, comedy, and dramatic themes in the process of investigating ethical and spiritual questions.  It follows the nightly haunt of a vampire as he encounters a bizarre series of events brought on by seemingly harmless humans, forest creatures, and even his own body, all of which seem determined to thwart his nightly feeding frenzy and even his safe return to his castle.  But is there a mysterious force behind it all?


The Urge 2 - It lies Within is an eight minute 2d animated short film.    With the exception of some special effects the film was hand drawn using the TV Paint animation software and a Wacom tablet.

In various places throughout the film footage of various elements of the natural world such as clouds, stars, and lightning have been incorporated into the film's stylization.  This film was almost entirely animated in what is known in the animation industry as "ones", being 24 drawings a second, in order to attempt to achieve a beautiful flowing movement.

The Urge 2 - It lies Within is a sequel of sorts to my first film the Urge.


Story, Direction, Backgrounds, Animation: Christopher Angus

Sound: Precursor Productions

Music: Steven Webb